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Academy Bulletin Board
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For those interested in purchasing courses or lessons in cash, contact Dina (phone below)

Registration for the next cycle has opened 🤗🤗
Great recognition and appreciation that we continue the journey together.
Our academy is something that develops, changes and improves. 
Fortunately, one thing does not change   - there are amazing people here and amazing people continue to join us.

So what happens in the next round?
Anyone who finished level 1 - (Kaminari) moves in the next cycle to Deep 
And those who haven't, simply continue to the next course.

What is Deep?
Our courses are very intensive and we learn a lot of new things and complete a piece at a fairly high pace.
The techniques that are taught are mainly applied in the way they are played in the piece - but there are many more ways to apply them.  
We study a complete piece, but only "get to know" it and not in depth - We have not yet refined the movements, the dynamics, the transitions, we have not yet felt what it is like to play as a single body at a high tempo and level.
What's more, when we move on to the next course, we don't really have the chance to repeat what we learned   and it's forgotten, isn't improved and even deteriorates.
In order for our level to rise and also that of the entire academy, it is important to repeat the basics, to deepen our undertanding and thus to enjoy the pieces much more and to be ready for the performances that sometimes take place during the semester.

In addition, we will repeat the study of techniques we learned in all kinds of different and new forms, in new compositions, at a higher rate.
We will go deeper into Tai Chi, Kung Fu studies and my Kung Fu teacher will come to give each group a workshop,
We will also practice meditative drumming, continuous drumming, and improvisation; many other things that we really want you to try, but we didn't have time because there is always a goal to finish :))
The concept of deep at a certain level is not only about the last piece you learned! but about everything you have learned so far.

Exciting news!!
Next semester, a teacher's course will open!!
The goal of the teachers' course is first of all, to teach things at the level of a group leader and not just part of a group - and this is a great development and a level rise for participants.
In addition and according to our choice, we may offer some participants to take part in teaching courses, workshops, or help existing teachers, conduct reinforcement classes and more....
There will be a syllabus and more details soon -
Not everyone who wants to will be able to join this course, and that's totally fine because it's certainly not suitable for everyone.
Those who are interested can register at a cost of 0  Here (at no cost) - and according to the criteria that will be determined later we will see who is suitable.

Regarding registration for courses:
For all those who ask,   if the name of the teacher is not listed, it is because it is not yet certain.
Yes, our teaching style is a little different because we are different people, and probably each of us connects with a teacher in a different way. Einat, Ran and I are really good, and promise to give you our best and all the knowledge you need to move forward.

And one last point:
Don't say "we didn't hear"
It is important for us to avoid mistakes in orders!
All credit and refund operations have commissions from the credit companies and are lot of hassle for us 🙏🏻
For refunding and mistakes we will have to charge a commission of 5%😖
So before you click to pay - double check the amount and what exactly you are paying for.
Don't sign up for the Miyake course just out of pressure because it fills up and then you'll see that it doesn't work out for you and ask for a refund..

Those who repeat a course receive a 50% discount, but! You need to ask for a coupon before paying!!!
Likewise for those who do Miyake as a parallel course to a regular course - there is a 40% discount coupon -  ask for it before!!
Those who cannot train because of financial difficulties of one kind or another, please talk to me.

It is highly recommended to repeat courses!   If the day of the next course doesn't work out for you, or you feel that the course was difficult for you - repeat a course!

There's another student performance ahead of us and the last third of fun and challenging training sessions-
With pleasure, joy and compassion

weekly schedule
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Guidelines for dress and performance in student shows

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The performances are filmed and recorded - we ask to make an effort to look presentable:
A black shirt - or a Taiko Life shirt
Black pants (no frills) or 'hakama'
Black shoes, 'tabi', or bare feet
Neat hair -  with gel if long 
neat beards ( : 
Lipstick and makeup 
Don't forget "bachi"
Water and snacks!!!

Conduct in the studio:
Conduct in the Studio
We must know the instruments we play on, know how to move them correctly, pick them up alone or in cooperation, move them on the stand and know the types of stands and how to stand for playing.
"Management" and moving the instruments accurately   as an individual and as a group is a necessary point in order to be a taiko player.

We accept and practice important principles from Japanese culture -   
Clean order and cooperation:   We will leave the studio as clean as we received it. Or we will help clean it if necessary.
Every student must take part in cleaning and arranging the studio.  
We must vacuum the rooms at the end of each use of the studio, leave a clean sink and clean toilets.
If we have eaten and there are stains on the floor - we will pass a rag

Conduct in and out of classes:
No student is a teacher, please don't wake each other up during class! And not to answer students' questions especially when the teacher is there.   

An advanced student  whom the teacher asked him to help another student may give instructions to explain or help.
Please respect the teacher, avoid making comments to the teacher

Entry to class - lateness
Please enter the class when the studio vacates from the previous class or when the class starts.
When a student enters the class late or joins a group already during the lesson, please try to enter at the right moment energetically.

During meditation it is advisable not to wait outside but -  enter quietly and join
If it is not meditation - please stand at the entrance to the room to say Yaroshko Ongishims and give a small bow to those present in the room. 

Teacher Notes
When a teacher approaches and gives personal highlights to someone, this is a blessed and happy thing, please focus on what the teacher is explaining at that moment and don't try too hard to continue with the group, but be attentive to the teacher.  
* The teacher may emphasize the student in front of the whole group. As part of our practice in the group, please accept it with love   to stay in balance and connected to the essence of the practice. 

During an explanation to the student, the teacher may use touch to help clarify the movement or body position.
For those who have a problem with contact - please inform the teacher at the beginning of the course and remind if necessary.

Practice during class
During the class, always be attentive to your body and your abilities - avoid doing exercises that you feel are beyond your ability. Practice according to your limit.
If the teacher gives an exercise, please make every effort to do it and avoid deciding in advance whether it will come or not, important or unimportant, can or can't.
It is always better to perform it at a low level or in a limited way than not to perform it at all. (if there is no health limitation)

Accept yourself and avoid criticizing and getting down on yourself!  Together they aspire  to improve, train and be more successful all the time.

If you tend to complain about things or tell about your difficulties to those around you - try to avoid this during the meeting. If there were traffic jams or annoying people today, we get used to putting all the "interferences" aside to clean ourselves and the space. Practice choosing positive thoughts and focus on the training itself and on this moment.


Contact the team

For consultation, any kind of support, issues related to the learning process or personal things (thoughts, problems, feelings):
Nitay: 665-0503 - 054  

Questions about the site, jewelry
Einat: 054-5868-944


Questions regarding cash payment for courses and lessons

Dina: 058-5565-609

Questions about how to use the site, how to purchase on the site, dates about events and courses, reinforcement classes, clothing, student performances, etc.
Ran: 054-764-7401  

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