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After a long and eסאensive research of taiko drum making companies, where we learned first hand the different qualities of drums and drum makers - we chose two main companies with whom we work with: one Chinese company and one Taiwanese company. They provide us with quality drums at excellent prices.

The cost of an average Japanese taiko drum is very expensive and starts at about 2000 dollars depending on size, therefore many Japanese drum companies manufacture and import drums from China! 

In China, the production qualities are variable, and one can easily buy drums that won't last 3 shows... (from experience)

The companies we have chosen have so far proven themselves to provide excellent products at an excellent price.

There are two main types of construction for taiko drums-

1- One wooden unit that serves as a body (trunk) on which skins are stretched on both sides - (usually more expensive)

2- Joining of several sections of wood using a traditional construction method making one drum body unit on which skins are stretched.


Hira Taiko Drums:

Hira (in Japanese - "flat") are taiko drums able to withstand the loads of taiko drumming with our thick bachi (drumsticks) in large movements.

You can play the drum in two positions:

1-normal form

2-diagonally (naname)/(miyake)

They give a beautiful sound, are very easy to carry, and allow training anywhere. There are two sides for playing and they should last for several years under heavy playing load.

The first cycle of drums imported from Taiwan has been holding up for over 6 years under heavy load - although there are several overall, it is a reliable and excellent drum!

The hira drums were purchased from the Chinese company over 3 years ago and still hold up under heavy load with very few torn skins, great sound and high reliability.



Hira Drum Taiwan-

Made of sandwood - expensive and high-quality sandwood - built from pieces of wood joined together to form a a drum body unit.

The wood is heavy and reliable, the leather is strong and thick with a shiny lacquer coating.

Diameter- 36 cm

Height- 15 cm

The drum comes with a cover for protection and carrying, and a stand



Hira Drum China-

Made of Mila wood - ashtree, and  is considered sacred in some cultures, built from one piece of wood on which the skin is stretched.

The drum is lighter, reliable, thick leather with a matte lacquer coating.

Diameter- 36 cm

Height- 15 cm

The drum comes with a cover for protection and carrying, and a stand



Nagado Taiko Drums China :

Professional drums with the structure and iconic beauty of an impressive Japanese drum

Made of high-quality pine wood - built from pieces of wood joined together to form one drum body unit.

The wood and leather are strong and thick and can last years of drumming under heavy load, the wood chosen is not very hard in order to maintain a low weight which allows relatively easy carrying for a taiko drum of this size.

According to demand, we can order a drum made of harder wood (white wood), it will be heavier and more expensive and can also come in a matte finish.

Negado drums also allow professional and strong playing in 5 playing positions -

1-normal form

2-on the side (miyake)

3- diagonally (naname)

4- lying down (chichibu)

5- mol- (odaiko)

We provide a versatile stand that allows 4 positions,

The fifth position requires the addition of a high stand.


It is a beautiful musical instrument with a skin that initially creates a relatively high sound in order to keep a quality sound for a long time.

The more you play on it, the sound improves and reflects the rising level of the drummer along with the playing time - the sound opens up and deepens and the amount of frequencies produced increases.


This drum comes in three main sizes-

Small-medium size

Height- 57 diameter 48 estimated weight- 23 kg

Medium-large size

Height- 63 diameter 54 estimated weight- 31 kg

Very size

Height- 72 diameter 60 estimated weight- 38 kg



A year and a half warranty for the leather if it is torn - Taiko life will replace the leather at our expense.


If the buyer does not follow these instructions, there will be no warranty for torn leather:

Normal use and drumsticks designed for taiko only.

The ends of the sticks must be properly sanded and without roughness or open ends.

Do not warm the skin near the fire or leave it at a high temperature - for example in direct sunlight for hours on end.

Do not leave in the car in summer for a long time.

Avoid exposing to moisture and above all do not leave the drum wet.

For Hira drums, please use only short and relatively light sticks and not sticks designed for miyake, naname or large Nagado drums.

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