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Introductory workshop for Japanese Taiko Drumming

using The Taiko Life Learning Method

Welcome to the first dojo in Israel for drumming with Japanese drums!
Your curiosity is justified, it is a special and powerful musical instrument that involves in-depth training in several aspects. We practice the balance and cleanliness of the mind, awareness of the body and the group, and the sound the instrument produces - is unique with multi frequencies.
The drum is hit with full and loose movements, which are also precise and orderly. A movement that raises the energy in the body, creates a deep sound and synchronizes with the wave of the moment and with the rest of the group.
The training is about an hour and a half long, where we put everything aside and let ourselves fly with the rhythm and joy of drumming on real taiko drums!

The workshop structure will be similar to a lesson from a full drumming course

- Gathering: introduction of the academy and the teacher (20 min)

- Guided Meditation (5-10 min)

- Body warming exercises, movement and coordination (15 min)

- Taiko drumming (45 min)

- Cool down and relaxation

The workshop is designed to expose you to a place where you can develop and have fun, where you get to know the special musical instrument, the teacher, and the training method, in the hope that it will ignite a flame within... whether it be to experience what it would be like to participate in a full drumming course., or to just have an unforgettable experience.

The workshop does not require prior knowledge, sense of rhythm or ability because there is no "success" or "failure",  just to be open to feel enjoyment from the experience without any judgment.

* All workshops are held in our studio in Petah Tikva Address: David Marcus 27 Petah Tikva - Sagola Industrial Area, 2F (no elevator) 


The studio has a special air purifier that improves air quality and lowers the amount of nitrogen, and a fan 

 סדנאות מבוא - תאריכים והרשמה

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