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Taiko Life Israel - Japanese style drumming

These massive drums echo throughout space and body, and connect with the audience on four levels: musically, visually, physically and spiritually.

Each member of the Taiko Life group has undergone years of training in the fields of arts and music. Some of them have specialized in Japan and Taiwan, the countries of origin where Taiko Zen drumming has been practiced for years. From their rich musical experience and desire to share with people the training qualities and special frequency of the drums - the first academy for taiko drumming in Israel was established and the show was born.

The big taiko drums require the mobilization of both physical and mental resources. By combining elements from the world of martial arts, Zen drumming and meditation, Taiko Life members create a new style of drumming that has not yet been seen in Israel.


The combination of traditional and original drumming, with the sound and presence of the taiko drums, offers a powerful show with rhythms and movement that penetrate the heart, stimulate and connect the viewer back to the source.

Mitsu Tomoe White.png
Mitsu Tomoe White.png
Mitsu Tomoe White.png

Team Members

Einat Chitayat
Maho Sato
Nitay Zelniker
Orit Zelniker
Miho Kataoka
Eti 2_edited.jpg
Alon Nataf

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