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Taiko, the traditional barrel-shaped Japanese drum, requires the mobilization of both physical and mental resources. Connecting elements from the world of meditation, martial arts and meditative Zen drumming, Taiko Life members bring this new taiko drumming style to Israel.

The combination of traditional and modern drumming, the strong sound and the visual aesthetics of the taiko drums offers a powerful and breathtaking performance. Arriving from the Far East, the massive drums resonate throughout space and body, connecting with the audience on four levels: musical, visual, physical, and spiritual.

Each member of the Taiko Life group spent many years training in arts and music. Some have specialized in Japan and Taiwan, the origin countries where Taiko drumming was practiced for centuries. Out of their musical experience and love of performing, the Taiko Life show was established.

The Taiko Life show appeals to audiences of all ages: parents, children, and teens, and offers a glimpse into the fascinating culture and challenging training methods. Taiko Life performs in a large variety of cultural, social, and business events, which also include embassy functions, company seminars, festivals, fashion shows, independence celebrations, and private events.