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a special program for beginners - ages 18-35


Thank you for your interest in the art of Japanese drumming :)

So now we're here because you saw something that intrigued you...

I hope it's the right time for you to join, because we've finally opened a special program for young people!!

If there is a voice calling you -   this is exactly the time to be one of those who were there when we took it to the next level.

So first of all it is important to know that taiko is a drumming art but it is not just drumming, but something in the approach of the  training is more reminiscent of martial arts - discipline, a way of life, gradual and in-depth, practical and intense training.

As someone who trained mostly in music and martial arts at the same time, I found that taiko drumming combines both in an ideal way and is the perfect tool for me.

in terms of body training:

awareness movement flexibility strength,

expresses my power and abilities while playing



a musical instrument, understanding rhythm, listening, technique, precision, coordination, performance and stage

In parallel, this tool is my way of personal and spiritual development.

Music and movement are joined by two more complementary elements that make this whole -practicing meditation/awareness, playing in a group

Playing in a group really contributes to the process because the group represents my attitude to the world, it allows me to meet my weaknesses and strengths, helps my perseverance and commitment, and allows me to practice the self to which I aspire.

Meditation is a training tool for everything that happens inside, for the internal dialogue, 

for the voice that judges and analyzes the world and me. 

In the end,

We are all looking to live in harmony, with as little "hardships" as possible, with passion, abundance, self-expression while searching to help the environment and others.

Taiko drumming is a fairly new art in Israel,

We have opened the Taiko Life Academy with courses at all levels that apply methodical and accurate teachings that allows students to progress to whatever elevel they chose - be it in the purpose of becoming professional drummers, or simply to have the ability to drum for their own enjoyment.


My name is Nitay, founder of the academy.

I learned this art from the Zen drummers in Taiwan-  U Theater, and from several groups in Japan such as Ondekoza and Hiryu,  and decided to dedicate my life to this art.

Teaching along with me are members from the professional group - (you can read about them here) - Einat a drummer and an amazing woman who was born in Japan, and Ran,

a student from the academy who advanced over time to become a teacher and player in the professional team.

In recent years the academy has grown a lot and we have established a new center in the industrial area in Petah Tikva.

There are many students, and soon there will not be enough teachers

There are many performances but not enough professional musicians

Now is exactly the time that the Academy is moving to the next stage of its growth, and this is the moment for talented people to join us!

We prepared a program for young, energetic students and opened a course that is intended only for you .... and we even added a special discount

It's a bit hard to explain what an amazing experience it is to play taiko, and you'll have to find out for yourself.

In the course we will practice with a strict and fascinating set of lessons, which are physical and demanding ...  with a nuance of Japanese disciplinary approaches.

We are looking for those who know how to persevere, who connect to the principles I talked about and want to really train, perform, and develop in the field...step forward and help this thing become something huge.

So let's start together with the first step 

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Registration for the special course for young adults
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What do you study and how does it work?

With the help of a structured training program and professional guidance for 13 weeks, we will direct your abilities and energy to self-expression, and personal development. 


What are the basics we will learn in the course?


  • Mastery of the 6 basic drumming techniques on which the rest of the techniques are based

  • Correct use of the body to produce power with minimal effort

  • Producing quality sound from the drum

  • Energy flow, playing, and release 

  • Keeping pace while listening to the environment

  • We will jump into deep water and play a complete taiko piece!


How can we improve in everything?So many layers? 

With the help of a structured practice of these elements:

  • Correct stick grip and correct stroke

  • Creating a correct structure with the drum and harmonious movement

  • Meditation - stopping incessant self-criticism and relaxing from thoughts - being present in the moment, in the practice itself and in all the details.

  • Tai Chi - improving energy flow and sensitive awareness of the body

  • Awareness and improvement of posture

  • Flexibility and balance exercises

  • Strengthening exercises for the arms, back, abdomen, legs and neck

  • Coordination and sense of rhythm exercises

  • Instinctive flow exercises while playing in a group

  • Focusing on what is there - enjoyment, improvement and development

For those registering for courses for beginners:

If you are under 30, click on this button to send a picture of your ID by email and we will send you a coupon code for a 20% discount.

If you are under 25 click on the button here to send a picture of your ID by email and we will send you a coupon code for a 25% discount.

Nitay Zelniker

Hello, I am Nitay Zelniker, founder of Taiko Life Israel.

I was always looking for a place to train and develop, not only on a technical level. I wanted a way of life that would combine music with practicing physical, mental and spiritual abilities. A training framework that will be socially enjoyable but also serious and has added value.

I experimented with different musical instruments and martial arts, but I never felt that I found my way -   a way where I could develop and enjoy but also produce results. I always felt something was missing: Either I'm having fun but not developing and progressing enough, or the training is hard, unrewarding and feels truly meaningless.

I felt a connection to meditation and the Eastern philosophy of life. A place where discipline, precision, aesthetics and diligence are an integral part of the culture. And so my first dream was to train in the Shaolin monasteries in China!

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I was exposed to taiko drums in the movie "The Drummer". The musicians expressed the music with powerful drumming movements and trained in martial arts and meditation. The frequency emitted by the Zen drums was exactly what I had been looking for all my life.
In the end I found myself in Taiwan and Japan, to which I have always been drawn, for almost 5 years. I went through grueling training and many challenges, I met supportive friends and had many people as my teachers, and finally I reached a level where I could continue to develop a path myself and pass the knowledge on.
I met my wife Maho on the trip, and together we moved to Israel in order to establish the first team in Israel that would train in the way I had always dreamed of.

After years as a student I found teaching as the continuation tool for my development - I started with the extreme age groups: children in kindergartens and adults in sheltered housing. I knew that if I "reached"  them, I could connect with anyone.. The children taught me leadership, charisma, creativity, honesty, passion and friendship. The adults taught me sensitivity, awareness, acceptance, patience and meaning.
I realized that I needed to develop a way - a language of music in motion that would help those who know nothing and want to learn, or those who want to go far and play professionally.
The performances were the place to test the theory. A place where the audience reflected the truth back to us.
Little by little, more and more people arrived in a rich variety of ages and the first and only Taiko academy in Israel was created, with a large number of students, original works of drumming, performances and true friendships.

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