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Well, the most important rule: you need to remember what the original goal was. Here is an example. A couple comes to the consultation and says that the purpose of her moving to the city is to find a good job, since this is bad in their hometown. The dialogue unfolds as follows:

What area did you find work in? This is important because Moscow is such a big city that it will not be convenient to get to the place of work from all areas

- So far, we have just put up an apartment for sale in our city. First we will buy here, and there we will already decide on the work.

- Stop guys! What was the purpose? Find a job. Why didn't you search? What is your specialty? Where will you settle?

Or another example. A woman comes for a consultation, and we have this dialogue:

– I need to buy an apartment for 15,000,000-17,000,000 rubles.

What is the purpose of the purchase?

“Our daughter will be enrolling in a year. I will move to Moscow with her.

- What university are you going to?

- Haven't decided yet. I think you need to buy somewhere in the west.

- Why?

- MSU is there.


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