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Retreat - Late Bloomers Tickets - Beat 3

- Pulse  Third Late Bloomers Ticket Purchase:  NIS  1200 is limited to the first 20 buyers. 
- For those who want to be space savers - it is possible to enter a coupon code in the purchase and receive a discount. Late Bloomers space holder card: NIS 150 discount with a Candy coupon (the code will appear in the next step).

Retreat - Late Bloomers Tickets - Beat 3

  • NIS 150 discount for registrants who also want to be space savers

    Coupon Code:   RTR3H

  • Hey friends!

    We will be happy to explain the significance of holding the space at the event.

    Unlike other retreats that work with Hilfur shifts on a regular basis, we choose how much to give of ourselves according to what lives in us, and according to the need of space.

    Arranging an extension, lighting LEDs and candles, collecting wood for a fire, helping to set up a friend's tent, cutting vegetables for dinner, until he gets used to cleaning the kitchen's cooking utensils.

    What we bring to space, is what will be, and will be amazing!

    A warm recommendation for space holders only, it is possible to arrive the day before in the afternoon, to land and sy