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Level 1 Course 2: HanEn Sundays at 20:30


Level 1 Course 2: HanEn Sundays at 20:30

  • Level 1 Course 2: Han En (半円) for continuing students

    Sundays: 20:30-22:15

    14 lessons

    Starting date: Oct.29

    Location: 27 David Marcus Street, Petah Tikva, Segola Industrial Area

    (The course will open with 10 registrants and above)

    Refund Policy:


    • The payment for the course is in advance and no refund will be made after the start of the course
    • There is no refund for missing lessons
    • It is not possible to stop the course in the middle, and start again in the next cycle.
    • A course is a process and there will be challenges, persistence and commitment is the most important thing. When a student comes to classes, he 100% improves, progresses and goes through a process.
    • We also encourage repetition of courses. Students who feel the need to repeat courses or students who stopped in the middle for some reason receive a 50% discount when they return or complete a course.



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