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Level 2 Course 1: Hoshi DEEP on Thursdays at 18:30


    Level 2 Course 1: Hoshi DEEP on Thursdays at 18:30

    • Level 2 Course 1: HOSHI DEEP (星)



      14 lessons

      Date: Nov.2

      Location: 27 David Marcus Street, Petah Tikva, Segula Industrial Area


      This course is intended for students who have completed the three courses of level 1. In the course we will learn how to play one piece that is divided into several different roles in a fun and relaxed atmosphere while retaining everything you have learned so far, you will have the opportunity to develop the ability to concentrate and the connection to the rhythm in synchronized group drumming


      Refund Policy:


      • The payment for the course is in advance and no refund will be made after the start of the course
      • There is no refund for missing lessons
      • It is not possible to stop the course in the middle, and start again in the next cycle.
      • A course is a process and there will be challenges, persistence and commitment is the most important thing. When a student comes to classes, he improves, progresses and goes through a process.
      • We also encourage repetition of courses. Students who feel the need to repeat courses or students who stopped in the middle for any reason receive a 50% discount when they return or complete a course.
      • Repeating the Hoshi course - if a student takes the course a second time - full price, if taken a third time there is a 40% discount. If taken over 3 times - there is a 50% discount.