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Dear students,
We are very happy and grateful that you continue with us. The connection between us is mutual and our development together is amazing.
Our vision is to go through Level 1 (three courses) and Level 2 (three courses) together, and those students who reach Level 3, will join a professional group of students who practice more complex works and perform. Students who reach level 3 can also start to teach.

In Japan, the student groups are amazingly professional and at a very high level. I joined advanced student groups for training and enjoyed the high-level drumming experience and the heart-expanding cultural and social experience. The students put in a lot of effort and have a lot of fun. They have special attire that they prepare for shows and they are connected to the community around them.

In the following video is one of the student's teams I practiced with. Try to find me in the video...


Level 1 Course 2 -HanEn-
Level 1 Course 3 -Kaminari-
Miyake: Special Japanese Traditional Rhythms
 Level 2 Course 1 - Hoshi
 Level 2 Course 2 Naruto
With Nitay
:Level 2 Course 3: NanaHachi
With Nitai