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Introduction Workshop for Japanese Taiko Drumming


using the Taiko Life Israel teaching method

The art of East Asian drumming contains within it a whole world - music, movement, cooperation and meditation.

  If you want to experiment drumming the powerful taiko drums but thought it was an experience not available here - now it's finally possible! - 

Introductory workshops for taiko drumming in the first and only academy in Israel.

An experiential session lasting about an hour and a half, where we put everything aside and allow ourselves to enjoy powerful drumming together on real taiko drums!

The workshop set-up will be similar to a

lesson from a full drumming course:

- Gathering: introduction of the academy and the teacher (20 min)

- Guided Meditation (5-10 min)

- Body warming exercises, movement and coordination (15 min)

- Taiko drumming (45 min)

- Cool down and relaxation

The workshop is designed to expose you to an experience where you can release your inhibitions and enjoy,  play a special musical instrument, and get to the know the teacher, and the training method of Taiko Life, be it in for understanding what it would be like to participate in one of our full drumming courses or simply to have an unforgettable experience.

The workshop does not require prior knowledge, sense of rhythm or ability

because there is no "success" or "failure" ,

just drumming for the sake of the experience and enjoyment.

* All workshops are conducted in our studio in Petah Tikva

         Location: David Marcus 27 Petah Tikva - Sgula Area    


      *  The studio has a special air purifier that improves air quality, lowers the amount of nitrogen, and ventilates  * 

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