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noa zulu

Musician and leading international didgeridoo master (An Aboriginal wind instrument from Australia). Regularly performs in dance events, parties, festivals, public street events, and private stages. Noa is a producer and member of the musical ensemble JADE SYTEM and has collaborated with various well-known artists on many different projects. In 2013, Noa co-founded her own music production company, Zulu Productions. 


Savanna is a musical ensemble established by three talented artists: Noa Zulu on the didgeridoo, Nitai Zelniker on the taiko drums, and Eran Asias on the drum set. The three create a fantastic fusion of different music styles which must be seen on stage.

efrat machikawa

A combination of a musical performance with a fascinating and in-depth lecture by Efrat Machikawa. Efrat is an expert and lecturer on multiculturalism and Japanese culture - the culture from which Taiko originated. This combination is highly suitable for corporate events and enrichment of companies and groups and is matched to each customer on demand.

tsvia bar abarbanel


A multidisciplinary and award-winning singer and artist proving that music has no boundaries. The synthesis between her vocals and the sound of the taiko drums tells a story about the desert and the sea, a story that takes the listener to the ends of the earth and in the process builds bridges between continents and people.

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