Registration for a taiko drumming course

Taiko Life's drumming course is the only one of its kind in Israel. Each of our teachers has spent many years learning and specializing in playing taiko drums - and now their rich knowledge is available to you too!

Our curriculum is spread over 13 weeks during which we will learn a number of skills:

Mastery of the 6 basic drumming techniques on which the rest of the techniques are based

Proper use of the body to produce power with minimum effort

Producing quality sound from the drum

Practice flexibility, coordination and body awareness through tai chi and meditation

Keeping pace while listening to the environment

We will jump into the deep water and play a whole taiko creation!

Playing the taiko drums requires mastery of a whole set of abilities and values, and in addition provides an experience that activates the body and the mind alike. This course is suitable for those who want to enter the world of taiko and have a passion for playing these wonderful drums.

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