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The next round of courses will begin in July 2022
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Welcome to the first and only Japanese drumming academy in Israel

The courses are taught by Taiko Life Israel’s founder Nitay Zelniker and Einat Chitayat, an experienced drummer with over 15 years of experience.

After training with the best drumming groups and teachers in the world, Nitay established the first drumming ensemble in Israel and specialized in teaching for all levels and ages. Taiko drumming has been Nitay's main occupation and inspiration in building a  philosophy by which he lives over the past decade. He developed a method of teaching in which the movements incorporated in playing certain g patterns have names, and so it connects the rhythm of movements to a set of complex patterns. This allows for gradual and clear learning, finding a common language, and intuitive playing as a group.

Nitay has a passion for passing the knowledge on to others and inviting more people to embrace the music, values, ​​and lifestyle that accompanies Taiko drumming,  into their lives..


A training program that combines techniques from Japan and Taiwan - how does it work?

With a built-in training program and professional guidance, over the course of 13 weeks, we will direct your inspiration and energy to self-expression, enjoyment, and personal development.

Drumming is suitable for all ages and no previous experience is required.

What are the basics we will learn in the course?

Mastery of the 6 basic drumming techniques on which the rest of the techniques are based:

  • Proper use of the body to produce power with minimum effort

  • Producing quality sound from the taiko drum

  • Practice flexibility, coordination, and body awareness through tai chi and meditation

  • Keeping pace while listening to the environment

  • We will dive into deep water and play a complete taiko creation!

To streamline the learning process and enable each student to develop his or her abilities in taiko drumming most comprehensively - we will emphasize several things:

  • Improving the energy flow

  • Improving stability and physical awareness

  • Flexibility and balance

  • Strengthening the body - arms, back, abdomen, legs, neck

  • An anaerobic pleasure that combines rhythm and music

  • Improving coordination and sense of rhythm

  • Collaborating as a group - individual and group enjoyment

  • Finding an inner balance

  • Discipline, respect, and self-confidence

Take a look what you will be able to play by the end of the course

For those signing up for Beginner Courses:

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