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After training with leading drumming groups and teachers in the world, Nitay established the first drumming team in Israel together with Maho Sato, Einat Chitayat and Orit Zelniker, and specializes in teaching all levels and ages. 
Taiko drumming has been his main occupation and way of life for more than a decade.
Since the style of playing is about movement and is physical, and since there is still no study method in the world of taiko that connects the movement to the music integrally, Nitay developed a study method in which the movement techniques of the drumming have names.
This methodology allows for a common language, gradual and clear learning, intuitive playing as a group and the creation of foundations on which one can develop to the highest level!
The practice in the course is not just drumming, and to be precise, the drum is our "tool" for our own development as well as a reflection of who we are.
We use the physical practice, the meditation practice and the presence of the group to continue our personal development process and slowly and continously discover the depth to which we can reach.
A significant part of the practice, and a powerful catalyst for development, are the performances.
At the end of each course cycle, our academy puts on a show where all aspects of the practice come to light, and we also have the opportunity to share the skills we have learned - which pass through the beats of the drums to the hearts of the listeners in an instinctive way.
Taiko Life members have a passion to pass on the knowledge and share the music, values and lifestyle that accompany Taiko into their lives.

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The courses are delivered by the founder of Taiko Life Israel Nitay Zelniker and Einat Chitayat, a senior drummer with over 15 years of experience. Ran Guy recently joined our staff.

Welcome to the first and only Japanese drumming academy in Israel

A training program that combines techniques from Japan and Taiwan;

 How does it work?

With a built-in training program and professional guidance, over the course of 13 weeks, we will direct your inspiration and energy to self-expression, enjoyment, and personal development.

Drumming is suitable for all ages and no previous experience is required.

What are the basics we will learn in the course?

Mastery of the 6 basic drumming techniques on which the rest of the techniques are based:

  • Proper use of the body to produce power with minimum effort

  • Producing quality sound from the taiko drum

  • Practice flexibility, coordination, and body awareness through tai chi and meditation

  • Keeping pace while listening to the environment

  • We will dive into deep water and play a complete taiko creation!

To streamline the learning process and enable each student to develop his or her abilities in taiko drumming most comprehensively - we will emphasize several things:

  • Improving the energy flow

  • Improving stability and physical awareness

  • Flexibility and balance

  • Strengthening the body - arms, back, abdomen, legs, neck

  • An anaerobic pleasure that combines rhythm and music

  • Improving coordination and sense of rhythm

  • Collaborating as a group - individual and group enjoyment

  • Finding an inner balance

  • Discipline, respect, and self-confidence

Take a look what you will be able to play by the end of the course

Everyone feels the need to express themselves, to evolve, to be around people who "see" them for who they are, to give and receive love. We believe that this need can be addressed in a course with Taiko Life.

To move in harmony, we must act on two planes: the plane of motion in the physical world and the plane of motion in the inner world. When we reach synchronization with the wave, we recognize inner vortices and manage to overcome them. Taking action for development and self-expression is natural and the environment gradually adapts itself.

How can this happen? With the help of our teacher's guidance, meditation, self-acceptance, group inclusion, determination, optimism, focus on physical training, and clearing toxic thoughts, we will ascend from criticism and stress.​

How do taiko drums play a part in this?​

The skills we will acquire and apply while practicing taiko drumming can be reflected in every aspect of life.


Persistence is an important tool to produce success, and connection and awareness to the body allow for health and harmony. Keeping pace teaches how to connect to and maintain a wave, teaches how not to get carried away and be impatient. Drumming movement greatly improves coordination and learning rhythms sharpens memory. Physical flexibility opens and maintains the body, and mental flexibility allows one to change and play at that moment.


Re-practicing the act of drumming and focusing on the action itself and improving it, helps to free oneself from unnecessary thoughts and self-criticism. The power and uniformity expressed in playing is an empowering and instructive experience, and the challenges that this unique style presents to the student are made in an environment that is safe and encourages development.

And what is the role of the group?

The group is an environment with a common denominator that gives energy and a safe framework for individual training. With the help of group members, we practice our attitude towards "society" and examine our place within it. In this way, we encourage the cessation of incessant comparison and replace it with reciprocity and paragon.


While playing, when someone erred or became confused, there is always a group to back them up. When we are all "in the same boat", the process creates a sense of unity and is pleasant, supportive, and empowering. Group drumming creates a commitment to perseverance, while the end product - which is playing a whole piece in unison, gives a sense of security and meaning.

Learning is a process, so the course is built gradually. Each lesson is a small step in your development.


We will be happy to accompany you along the way - join us!

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Registration for the Shokyu Course for beginners

Hello, I am Nitay Zelniker, founder of Taiko Life Israel.

I was always looking for a place to train and develop, not only on a technical level. I wanted a way of life that would combine music with practicing physical, mental and spiritual abilities. A training framework that will be socially enjoyable but also serious and has added value.

I experimented with different musical instruments and martial arts, but I never felt that I found my way -   a way where I could develop and enjoy but also produce results. I always felt something was missing: Either I'm having fun but not developing and progressing enough, or the training is hard, unrewarding and feels truly meaningless.

I felt a connection to meditation and the Eastern philosophy of life. A place where discipline, precision, aesthetics and diligence are an integral part of the culture. And so my first dream was to train in the Shaolin monasteries in China!

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I was exposed to taiko drums in the movie "The Drummer". The musicians expressed the music with powerful drumming movements and trained in martial arts and meditation. The frequency emitted by the Zen drums was exactly what I had been looking for all my life.
In the end I found myself in Taiwan and Japan, to which I have always been drawn, for almost 5 years. I went through grueling training and many challenges, I met supportive friends and had many people as my teachers, and finally I reached a level where I could continue to develop a path myself and pass the knowledge on.
I met my wife Maho on the trip, and together we moved to Israel in order to establish the first team in Israel that would train in the way I had always dreamed of.

After years as a student I found teaching as the continuation tool for my development - I started with the extreme age groups: children in kindergartens and adults in sheltered housing. I knew that if I "reached"  them, I could connect with anyone.. The children taught me leadership, charisma, creativity, honesty, passion and friendship. The adults taught me sensitivity, awareness, acceptance, patience and meaning.
I realized that I needed to develop a way - a language of music in motion that would help those who know nothing and want to learn, or those who want to go far and play professionally.
The performances were the place to test the theory. A place where the audience reflected the truth back to us.
Little by little, more and more people arrived in a rich variety of ages and the first and only Taiko academy in Israel was created, with a large number of students, original works of drumming, performances and true friendships.

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