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Advanced Courses

Important information about the 2023 winter round:

Deepening course- 


Dear friends!
We continue the road together and it's time to move in new way.
Since the courses at the academy started, we have made a lot of progress and there are students who have already completed two full levels - 6 courses. This is amazing! The level we reach is only increasing and it is thanks to your persistence in the lessons, in the courses and outside of them. We teachers continue to develop and improve in teaching, as drummers and performers and deepen our knowledge.

In this cycle, we are interested in reducing the madness of accomplishing something more and reaching a final destination, releasing the need to learn and remember a lot of new things.  We want to continue practicing what we have learned in more ways from more angles.

Important: the option to repeat courses is always open to you at a significant 50% discount, which is highly recommended. But few really do it-   It's okay, it's understandable, there's also the desire to keep moving forward together as a group and sometimes it seems like it would be boring even though this is just a mistaken thought.
You can repeat each course several times, have fun and improve substantially, notice details that you didn't notice before and understand them more deeply or in a different way -  it is like a good movie that you can watch several times, pay attention to new things and also always enjoy - (like The Matrix).
By the way-   One of the most requested courses at the academy is the Miyake course, which has been repeated for 7 cycles and is never boring to anyone.   For some reason it seems most natural to repeat it over and over again. There are lots of additional angles for practice that we don't manage to reach in one course.
This cycle will be an innovation; a deepening cycle... and don't worry there will be many new things :))) Among the things we will practice-
Meditative drumming
The techniques we learned in new rhythms
We will learn kung fu and tai chi with the teachers Nitay trains with in Israel.
We will return to the works
see taiko performances together 
and more

The deepening is not in the one piece according to the name of the course you are in, but in everything that was taught up to the level you have reached, with more additions.

This is the first deep cycle and it is very exciting!  

We will be the first to experience it.

 Level 1 - Course 2: Han-En 
(半円 | half circle)

Group 1:

With Einat Chitayat on Mondays from 12:30-14:15
Starting date:  January 9 

Group 2:

 With Ran Guy on Sundays from 18:30-20:15   
Starting date: January 8 

Group 3: DEEP HANEN for current Hanen students 

With Nitay Zelniker on Tuesdays from 18:30 - 20:15
Price: NIS 1,500.00 14 lessons
Starting date:  January 10 

 Level 1 - Course 3: DEEP Kaminari 
(雷 | thunder)
 Level 2 - Course 1: Hoshi 
( | star)
 Level 2 - Course 2: Naruto
| spiral)
 Level 2 - Course 3: Nana Hachi
七 / 八 | 7/8)
 Special course:​ Miyake (三宅) 
Special Japanese Traditional Rhythms

For students who have completed Shokyu course and beyond
* Discount for those who participate in level 1 or 2 courses

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